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Four Steps To Get Rid Of Underarm Darkness For Good

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Dealing with underarm darkness can make you self-conscious. Before the spring and summer season comes and calls for tank tops and dresses, you may want to repair your underarm damage. There are a number of reasons why your underarms may have darkened over time but fortunately, this issue is reversible. Here are four steps to take to cure underarm darkness before sweater weather is over.

Get permanent underarm hair removal

One of the reasons many people deal with underarm darkness is due to shaving under the arms. Instead of shaving or using other irritating methods of hair removal, get permanent hair removal for your underarms. Permanent hair removal under your arms will take away the need to use a razor or anything else that will scrap and damage your underarms. Being able to stop the irritation will put a stop to any further darkening. If you use electrolysis, be sure to ask the person apply the procedure when you can go back to using products n your underarm. 

Lay of the chemical deodorant

Any of your lightening efforts may be hindered if your chemical deodorant is also irritating your underarms. Instead of using a chemically made deodorant, use a natural deodorant, such as one made out of crystal. This will give your armpits a break from any materials that could clog the pores. This will also allow you to use substances that will help with the actual lightening of the underarms without wondering if the lighting solution will mix well with the deodorant.

Use lemons and limes

If you want help lighten your underarms without major chemical usage, you can use the juice of lemons and limes. This process will be simple and inexpensive enough for anyone to use. Slice a piece off of a lemon or lime then rub the slice up and down each of your armpits. Allow the juice to sit on your underarms without washing them off. Repeat this twice a day to help your underarms lighten within several months. 

Wear loose clothing

While you are lightening your underarms, it is a good idea to wear loose clothing. You want to avoid anything being too tight and close to your underarms. This will mean that you won't irritate your underarms nor will you rub off any of the lemon or lime juice that you need to lighten your armpits. Once the summer hits, you will be able to wear any tank top or sleeveless dress of your choice without any shame or reservation.