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How To Heal From Your Tummy Tuck

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If you're getting ready to get a tummy tuck, you might be nervous not just about the cosmetic procedure but also about the healing process. After all, whole parts of your stomach are going to be cut into, skin will be removed, and you will have many staples and stitches to deal with in your abdominal region.

Your doctor says the procedure is simple and you will be able to heal fully so long as you take it easy for a while. If you want your tummy tuck to be a success have a complete recovery that is as pain-free as possible, follow these tips for healing from a tummy tuck procedure.

Apply ice when needed

If your doctor gives you permission, apply ice to the swelling areas of your abdomen as you heal when needed. The ice will help bring swelling down, reducing pain and pressure where you got your tummy tuck.

Elevate your legs

Sometimes elevating your legs with pillows or a chair arm will help your tummy tuck healing process. The elevation will help promote blood flow and keep your pain from staying just in your abdomen. Be careful raising your legs, however, and only do this if you have someone to help you and if your doctor says it's OK. Staying still and keeping your legs up for short periods of time can really help speed your healing.

Take it easy

When you feel good enough to walk around, you'll want to really get moving so you can show off your new physique. You should take it easy and do little more than light walking and exercise, and you should not bend over and pick up heavy things while you are healing. Your doctor will let you know when you can get moving again, so listen to your cosmetic surgeon's advice. Even if you feel better, be light with your activities.

Use your compression wraps

If you've been given compression wraps for your stomach, buttocks, or legs as part of your tummy tuck procedure, use them. These wraps are supposed to support your body while minimizing pain and swelling, thus making your results better. Your wraps may be uncomfortable at first, but unless you are in severe pain or actively bleeding from your surgery, you should wear them as your doctor says.

Your cosmetic surgeon will want to see you periodically until you have fully healed from your procedure. When you get a tummy tuck, take care of your body and you'll heal much faster.