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3 Facts Regarding Breast Augmentation

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Whether you weren't given the breasts you wanted by nature, you had a child, or you've lost a lot of weight, your breasts may not be as large as you'd like. Breast augmentation surgery helps women get the breasts they want, but before you sign up for surgery, check out these three facts you should know about breast augmentation.

They Add More Volume to Breasts

Naturally, breast augmentation makes your breasts look bigger by using implants. However, this can also add more volume to the top of your breasts. For some women, this voluminous look cannot be obtained with push-bras or other solutions, making breast augmentation necessary to achieve the desired fullness. A breast lift is another procedure, but instead of adding volume, it simply lifts the breasts. This type of procedure alone will not add the fullness you want to the top of your breasts. At the same time, however, breast augmentation alone may not correct sagging breasts. Therefore, many women choose to undergo both procedures at the same time.

Your Surgeon Will Help You Choose the Right Size

If you want larger breasts, you likely have a size you want, such as a C or D. However, breast implant surgery isn't so black and white. The final size of your breasts depends on many factors, such as how much breast tissue you have and how your body heals/reacts to the implants. Therefore, your doctor will not promise a specific size. Instead, your surgeon will guide you toward choosing an implant size (measured in cubic centimeters not cup size) that suits your body and makes it look well-proportioned. Of course, your doctor will take your desires into account, but they cannot guarantee a specific cup size.

There Is a Recovery Period to Consider

Perhaps one reason some women shy away from breast augmentation is the recovery period. Breast implant surgery is not minimally invasive, so you will have scars. The scars, however, as with a facelift, are well-hidden along the natural contours of your breast to make them look less noticeable. After surgery, your doctor may leave drainage tubes inside to allow built-up fluid to escape. You will likely need to wear a special bra to support your breasts while they heal. Your movement may also be limited, such as not being able to lift your arms above your head. On the bright side, however, once surgery is over and you have healed, you may never need implant surgery again unless there is a complication or you want a larger/smaller size.

Breast augmentation surgery has the ability to give you the body you want, but more importantly, it can boost your confidence. For more information about breast implants or other related cosmetic procedures, contact a specialist in your area today.