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What Recovery Tips To Talk To Your Plastic Surgery Center About

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One of the most critical parts of any sort of surgery is the recovery. If you are electing to undergo a type of plastic surgery, then one of the things that you need to talk to your plastic surgery center about is the recovery. 

Ask About a Recovery Center

Some plastic surgery centers are affiliated with recovery centers where they have a full-time staff that will wait on you so that you don't have to worry about anything. If you don't have family or friends who can take care of you, then one of these places is a great option for you. Sometimes, they will even have you recover at a nice hotel with a nurse that will assist you with things like icing, undressing, changing drains, and anything else. 

Ask About what Assistance You will Need

If you do have family and friends who are willing to take care of you while you are healing, then you will want to know the level of are you will need to expect from them. For instance, if you are recovering from a face lift, your recovery may be a lot more extensive than if you are recovering from a rhinoplasty. When you are recovering from a face lift, you will need someone to help you with just about everything for at least the first few days including changing, showering, eating, getting your medication and just basic care overall. Once you know what kind of recovery you will need you can better assess what kind of help to request.

Ask About Time Off

Another thing you will want to ask your surgical center about is how much time you will need to take off of work, taking care of your family, or other tasks that you normally have to do. Some surgeries will only require that you take a day or two off while other surgeries may take several weeks until you are well enough to go back to normal activities. 

If you exercise a lot, then another thing that you will want to talk to the surgical center about is how much time you will have to take off of going to the gym. Because a lot of exercise involves jumping, running, and other things that may place pressure on your body when it's recovering, it may lead to an infection or it might open your incisions when they are trying to heal. 

If you would like to learn a little bit more about recovery, reach out to your plastic surgery center today.