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Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

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Many people want to permanently get rid of unwanted hair that never seems to go away. In fact, this problem can cause emotional pain when you pluck the hairs at night and they materialize again in the morning as hair stubs. This happens to many adult women with hair on their faces, particularly on their chins and above their lips. The hair seems to have a life of its own that never ceases. You can undergo laser hair removal to try to mitigate this problem.

Things You Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Never use tweezers to pluck hair or wax hair on areas where you'll soon be receiving laser hair removal treatment. Doing that will interfere with the best results you can expect after laser hair removal. Be aware that follicle roots will be treated as the process applies an optimum beam of light over the targeted hair removal area. Once you start your treatments, you'll have to complete multiple sessions for the best results.

Understanding Hair Growth Phase

The best results are obtained when your hair is in an active growth phase. At that point in time, your hair follicles will adapt to the permanent removal of your hair. Repeated laser sessions are needed to treat hair follicles for successful and permanent removal, and that timing could require you to undergo three to ten sessions. Just remember that repeated sessions are needed to treat hair follicles when they are in a growth phase.

Will You Experience Irritation In The Treated Area?

The laser beam of light is expected to leave you with irritation at the targeted treatment area following the procedure. That irritation is as natural — just like when you pluck or wax hair on your body part — and your laser operator will likely explain this ahead of the procedure. Any irritation that you feel will disappear after a day or so. If you continue to have irritation around the treatment area, the professional might advise you to just use cool or ice compression pads to the irritated area.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

This is an expensive procedure, especially if you are interested in having a dermatologist perform your laser hair removal. It's typically less expensive when you use a trained laser technician or operator, but it is still an expensive procedure. So make sure you understand from the beginning how much you would have to spend to have laser hair removal.