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This Is Why A Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss Has Nothing To Do With Vanity

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Many people who go through the effort to diet and exercise end up losing significant amounts of weight, but don't necessarily achieve the body that they want. If you're unhappy with the way that you look despite your weight loss, particularly if you're unhappy with loose or hanging skin on your stomach, there's help available. Tummy tucks can take care of this for you, and they do a lot more than solve cosmetic concerns. Here's why you should strongly consider getting a tummy tuck.

The Problem With Weight Loss

When you're overweight or obese, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make an effort to lose it. However, this can often leave patients with loose, baggy skin around areas that were particularly heavy, like the stomach.

Unfortunately, this skin won't always go away on its own. If there's a lot of baggy skin, it's unlikely to all disappear. Furthermore, if the weight was gained quickly, like during pregnancy, there may be tissue damage — also known as stretch marks — that may prevent the body from bouncing back, as its elasticity has been damaged.

The Potential Problems It Can Cause

Of course, this kind of loose skin can be unsightly and undermine the progress you've made for your health. However, the problems can extend far beyond that.

Hanging baggy skin, as typically appears on the belly after weight loss, can put your health at risk. The folds of skin are a great hiding place for bacteria that thrive in moist and warm conditions. This can lead to problems like irritation and rashes on your skin. To make matters worse, the simple act of having your skin constantly rubbing against itself can cause sores to develop, and then the bacteria can invade, creating a serious infection. 

How a Tummy Tuck Helps

Since you can't rely on your own body to get rid of the extra tissue, a tummy tuck can take care of it for you. A plastic surgeon will remove damaged and excess skin, and then tighten up the remaining tissue and secure it via stitches. This immediately improves the way that your stomach looks, and over time as the incisions heal and inflammation drops, your looks will continue to improve.

Most importantly, this will eliminate your risk of developing sores from skin rubbing against itself, protecting you against potentially dangerous infections.

Getting a tummy tuck will certainly help you feel better about your looks, but it will also keep you safe. Talk to a cosmetic surgeon if you're ready to get started.