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Everything You Don'T Know But Need To Know About Botox

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You have probably seen a friend that got a Botox treatment and completely transformed their look. The popularity of the treatment has risen over the past decade. It is a simple and pain-free way to smooth the wrinkles and restore the youthfulness and elasticity that collagen gives the skin. However, there is still much mystery surrounding Botox treatments. For this reason, you should understand the procedures well before getting the treatment. Here are things you ought to know about Botox.

The Active Chemical in Botox

The main active ingredient in Botox is a neurotoxin that comes from certain bacteria species. When injected into the skin, it stops the formation of wrinkles. It also offers other health benefits like minimizing sweating and reducing a gummy smile. The neurotoxin works by interfering with the way that your nerves transmit impulses. For instance, for your face to wrinkle when you smile, the nerves make impulses to specific parts of the face. When the muscle gets an inhibition that stops it from moving, it slows down wrinkles and aging. 

The Ideal Time to Get an Injection

Botox is one of the common ways to treat wrinkles and other skin conditions that result from aging and frequent muscle movements. Once injected in parts of the body like the forehead and under the eyes, they stop muscle movement and eliminate wrinkles. You can also get an injection between the eyebrows because it is another part of the face where wrinkles habitually form. Some beauticians use the treatment to soften necklines and lift the corners of the mouth. During the consultation, they will assess your face and determine the areas that need softening and straightening out. They will then give you the injections that bring out the desired outcome. 

The Ideal Amount of Botox to Have

The ideal amount of treatment that you should have depends on how much your skin is wrinkled. This can be different from patient to patient. The outcome your beautician wants to achieve also matters. The expert injects a smaller amount of units for small and fine wrinkles. They might inject more when you have deeper wrinkles. It takes between twenty-four and forty-eight hours for the treatment to work after the injection.

You should consult a certified beautician before getting a Botox treatment. They will help you understand the different volumes and help you choose the correct amount to bring back your smooth, youthful and glowing skin.