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3 Questions You May Have About Breast Lift Surgery

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It doesn't matter how old you are, if you're unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, it can make you feel self-conscious. Your breasts might be droopy because of age or breastfeeding, and the size of your breasts doesn't matter, since small and large breasts can sag.

If you talk to a cosmetic doctor about your breasts, they might measure how far your nipples fall below the crease of your breast and note if your nipples point down or out. This helps the doctor choose the best treatment, and a breast lift might be the right solution. Here are three questions you might have about breast lift surgery.

1. Will Scars Be Visible?

One of the main concerns you might have is whether you'll be left with scars on your breasts. A breast lift requires incisions, so there's a chance you'll have faint scars. However, your surgeon is aware this is a sensitive issue, so they work to hide the scars. The scars may not be noticeable once they've completely healed. You might have incisions in the creases of your breasts or around your nipples.

In addition to being hidden, your surgeon provides you with instructions during recovery that help your incisions heal with the least complications so they become less visible over time.

2. Are Breasts Larger Or Smaller After A Lift?

Right after your surgery, you may have swelling that makes your breasts look larger. However, a breast lift doesn't change the size of your breasts much at all. Once you've healed from surgery, your breasts should be the same size, but they'll be perkier and your nipples will point out rather than down.

If you want larger or smaller breasts, let your surgeon know. They can do a breast reduction or augmentation at the same time as the breast lift to give you the size and shape you want.

3. Is Recovery Painful?

Recovery after a breast lift depends a lot on the type of surgery you have and where the incisions are placed. If you only need a minor lift procedure, you may go back to work in a matter of days. A more involved surgery takes longer to recover from. Your surgery will probably be done as an outpatient, so you shouldn't need to recover in a hospital. You might be prescribed pain medication to take for a few days, but the discomfort should clear up quickly.

Your surgeon might want you to wear a surgical bra day and night for a few weeks. Most of your stitches will probably be deep under your skin, but you may need to have a few removed when the time is right. Bed rest probably won't be necessary, and you can resume some activities right away. However, it will probably be a few weeks before you can get back to your usual routine without any restrictions, and by that time, the new size and shape of your breasts should be noticeable too.