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Breast Augmentation Can Help Women Recover After Losing Their Breasts

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Women who lost their breasts for any reason may experience severe emotional problems and identity issues that could linger for years and cause depression and anxiety. These concerns may worsen with time and require specialized emotional care to overcome. Thankfully, breast augmentation surgery can help these struggling women by restructuring their breasts and helping them feel better.

Times When Women May Lose Their Breasts

Women may lose their breasts due to several different situations, all of which can be fairly troubling physically and emotionally. Just a few times when a woman may lose her breasts include when:

  • After an Accident: Severe accidents, such as an auto-crash, may severely damage a woman's breasts or even tear them away from the body.
  • When Recovering From Breast Cancer: Breast cancer survivors may lose one or more breasts to save their lives, which may still cause emotional troubles.
  • To Treat Skin Cancer: When skin cancer spreads to a woman's breasts, she may have to lose some of the skin around them or even much of it to avoid more serious cancer.

These situations may not leave surgeons with much flesh to work with when reconstructing breasts, but cosmetic medical specialists can still perform some procedures to help increase a woman's breast size.

The Augmentation Process

Breast augmentation is not a mental health treatment but can provide some relief by helping a woman feel whole again after losing her breasts. This process typically includes steps like:

  1. Assessing the Available Material: When augmenting breasts, cosmetic surgeons remove flesh and fat from other parts of the body and move them to the chest. This step helps to minimize the risk of rejection that may occur when using materials from other people.
  2. Forming the Breasts: Cosmetic surgeons then use the flesh and fat to craft replacement breasts. They work carefully to find a size that makes sense for a woman's frame or replicates her previous breast look and shape. They may work from previous pictures to improve their accuracy.
  3. Helping With Recovery: Recovering from breast augmentation surgery may take several months. The incisions may heal in a few weeks before the breasts fully heal. Women going through this process may need to avoid heavy exercise or impact sports until advised by their doctor.

Recovering Fully From This Process

Augmentation may help women recover emotionally by providing them with the physical reality of their missing breasts. However, they may also work with a counselor during this process to handle other emotional problems, such as low self-esteem related to their breast loss. Doing so provides more comprehensive care.