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3 Ways To Prepare For Breast Implant Surgery

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Breast implant surgery is usually done to improve one's self-esteem and confidence. Many women feel more confident about their appearance after a breast implant, and in fact, studies show that 98% of breast implant recipients are happy with the results. While breast implant surgery is often a positive experience overall, it's also a major surgery and requires careful planning. Here are three of the best ways to prepare for your breast implant surgery:

Enlist The Help of Family and Friends

Recovering from breast implant surgery isn't something you should have to do all on your own. You will be tired and sore for weeks afterward, as well as unable to drive or lift heavy objects. Plan ahead of time and ask close friends and family if they are able to help with your recovery. You can even offer everyone their choice of tasks to make things easier.

For example, one person might drive you home from the hospital or bring you to your follow-up appointments at your plastic surgeon's office. Another person might do your laundry, tidy up your home, or take your dog on walks.

Do Some Meal Prepping Beforehand

Eating healthy, nutrient-dense food will help your body heal more quickly after your surgery. Some people also find they are especially hungry when recovering from surgery. While eating enough of the right kinds of food is crucial in the days and weeks after your surgery, you may not have the energy to cook for yourself.

The key is to prep as many healthy snacks and meals ahead of time as possible. A few ideas are cut-up fruit and veggies, ingredients for wraps, salads, and sandwiches, or pre-made stir-fries that just need to be heated up. Another option is to pay for a meal subscription service.

Invest in Comfy Clothes

You will be spending a lot of time lounging and sleeping after your surgery. One idea to make this more enjoyable is to invest in nice, soft loungewear and pajamas that you won't wear until after your surgery. You will also want to buy a few comfortable and supportive bras for your recovery. Some lingerie companies even make bras specifically for women recovering from breast implant surgery.

The more prepared you are before your breast implant surgery, the less stressful the experience will be. Simply follow the tips in this post and your cosmetic surgeon's instructions to ensure a smooth recovery process.